Social Amenities


The scope of work for the Social Amenities Programme is divided into three categories, as follows :-

  • New construction.
  • Upgrade/expansion.
  • Restoration/maintenance.

The scope of work for this programme covers physical construction costs, the purchasing of basic tools, electrical wiring, and water supply and does not include payments for compensation or the purchasing of land for the project site.


The selection of PAMS projects must fulfil the following criteria :

  • The projects are situated in rural or sub-urban areas and are outside the areas under the operation of local authorities (PBT);
  • The projects are for public and shared usage and shall be a convergence spot for the local and surrounding communities;
  • The projects fall within the ambit of small projects, which are estimated to cost RM100,000.00 and below;
  • Situated on the State Government’s reserve land;
  • Situated on land that is registered under the Federal Land Commissioner (PTG);
  • Situated on land that has been donated to the public (wakaf) / allowed to be used by the public;
  • Situated on land of which its possession has been transferred to the State Government; and
  • Situated on land that has been developed as a joint venture with certain public interest groups such as cooperatives, NGOs and resident associations.


All project applications under the PAMS must be submitted via the District Office at the district level or the State Development Office and the Federal Development Department (PPN/JPP) at the state level.

Such applications will be coordinated by PPN/JPP and subsequently be submitted to KKLW for consideration and approval.


KKLW will channel funding to PPN/JPP for the implementation of an approved project. PPN/JPP will subsequently implement the project via the District Office.