Rural Roads (JALB)
  1. What are the scope and components of the JALB project?< >The JALB programme includes the construction of new roads and the upgrading of roads, including state roads that will become part of the national road network.The components of the project consist of a feasibility study, design, land acquisition (LA), construction including bridges, culverts, drainage system and slope restoration, turfing, and related works as well as creating an inventory database of completed and pending road projects.What are the application procedures and the required documents to be submitted?The JALB aplication procedure are as follows :
    • Listing of project applications by the Member of Parliament/State Legislative Assembly Member/Chairman of JKKK and individuals will be coordinated by the State Development Office/Federal Development Department (PPN/JPP) at the state level and by the District Office at the district level. The list of projects will be finalised by the ministry based on the approved annual allocation.
    • The finalised list of projects will be implemented by the state branch Project Development and Monitoring Division (BPP) /PPN/JPP/ District Office.
    • The disbursement of allocations for project implementation will be made by the state branch BPP or PPN/JPP. The monitoring and reporting of project implementation will be made through the Implementing Agency/Co-ordinator and by Order No. 1/2004.
  2. What are the criteria for the selection of JALB projects? The selection of projects under the JALB programme is based on the criteria given by the National Development Planning Committee as follows:
    • Population density per kilometre of road;
    • Percentage of cultivated smallholdings located within 2.5 km from either side of the road compared to plantation areas; and
    • Construction cost per kilometre.
  3. Where can the forms/information on JALB be obtained?Forms can be obtained from the ministry’s website at www.wearerocketeer.com/kplb/
  4. Which division should be contacted for enquiries about the JALB?

Infrastructure Division Level 23, Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (MRRD) No 47, Persiaran Perdana, Precinct 4 Federal Government Administrative Centre 62100 PUTRAJAYA Tel: 03 – 8891 2000 Faks: 03 – 8888 2337