Local Community Development Programme (PPMS)


This programme provides financial assistance and management for the development of residential areas for targeted groups either in-situ or new settlement. The main goal of the programme is to enable the target groups in remote areas to enjoy basic amenities for development through the provision of housing, infrastructure, utilities and social amenities and to join mainstream development.

Target Group

The target groups for this programme are the hardcore poor families and households earning less than half of the Poverty Line Income (PLI). Priority will be given to the hardcore poor head of household (HOH):

  • have numerous dependants
  • no possession of own land / home
  • living in areas prone to natural disasters or remote areas
  • relocation of the Orang Asli community
  • relocation of the Bumiputera minority groups of Sabah and Sarawak

Components and Assistance Rate

The programme contains four (4) integrated components:

  • Assistance in the form of construction of houses for hardcore family participants and social amenities such as community halls, surau, TASKA (child-care) buildings, multi-purpose sports courts and so on.
  • Assistance in the form of infrastructure and basic utilities which includes surveying, earthworks, drainage, water and electrical supply connection or the refurbishing of infrastructure / utility of existing settlements.
  • Assistance in self-improvement, motivational and human development courses for the Head of Household (HOH), Housewives (SR) and Members of Household (AIR) involved, and
  • Assistance in participating in income improvement projects to HOH, SR and AIR that are within productive age category.

Implementation Methods

Via appointed implementation agencies:

  • State Department / Federal Development Department
  • MRRD Agencies
  • Technical Departments / Agencies


* Note: In 2007, this programme was not implemented by MRRD and was taken over by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU). MRRD will continue its implementation effective as of 2008 onwards.