This programme provides financial and management assistance to enable the target groups to inhabit houses that are much safer and comfortable compared to their previous residences. The goal of the programme is to promptly improve their quality of life.

Target Groups

The target groups for this programme are the hardcore poor groups registered with the e-Kasih system or SSPKR. Priority will be given to:

  • Senior citizens
  • Infirm and disabled
  • Single mothers with many dependants.

Recipients of this assistance should own private lands or possess written approval from the relevant authorities if they are renting/residing on land owned by others/Government.

Components and Rate of Assistance

The project component under the PBR is divided into 3 categories:

  • Re-build/Build New
  • House Repair works; and
  • Repair works of House Damage due to Disasters

Assistance Rates Approved:

  1. New Construction
  2. Repairs



Implementation Methods

The list of PBR assistance applications identified for the approval of MRRD based on sources certified by the state-level implementing agencies from the Registry and Profile of Hardcore Poor HOH or via the Open Application managed by the District Office/implementing agency. The project implementation can be made via:

  • Gotong-royong (Communal Activity)
  • Application of Class F contractors by the lead agencies in accordance to the current financial procedure.


* Note : In 2007, this programme will no longer be implemented by MRRD and will be taken-over by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU). MRRD will continue its implementation from 2008 onwards.