The Entrepreneur Development Program to the Orang Asli

The Entrepreneur Development Program to the Orang Asli has always been given attention by the Department in order to establish a group of Orang Asli entrepreneurs that are viable, competitive and resilient.

Towards this, programs of short and long term have been and will be implemented by JAKOA continuously. Among the programs that are implemented are as follows:

  1. Construction of Business Premise / Retail Space

The Department has allocated for the construction of business premises/retail spaces for the Orang Asli community who venture into business. Assistance in the construction of the business premises/retail spaces is subject to the criteria set out in the Guidelines for Providing Assistance to Entrepreneurs and Companies/Industry within the Orang Asli Community.

Among the types of business premises/retail spaces that are built are handcraft workshops, motorcycle repair workshops, car repair workshops, retail outlet, restaurants and tailoring shops.

  1. Entrepreneurship Assistance / Guidance

Entrepreneur Assistance/Guidance aims to accelerate the development and advancement of the Orang Asli entrepreneurs. The assistance is given in the form of business equipment, machinery and etc.

JAKOA has provided assistance in business equipment in various areas of the businesses explored by the Orang Asli such as grocery shops, restaurants, tailoring shops, vehicle repair workshops, cyber cafes, craft shops and etc.

  1. Entrepreneurship Courses and Training

JAKOA has implemented seminars and entrepreneurship courses to Orang Asli Entrepreneurs and youth, in the efforts to give wisdom and increased knowledge towards improving the skills of the Orang Asli community in the entrepreneurship field. Courses, skill training and seminars that are implemented are with the collaboration of the Department/ other Government Agencies such as ANGKASA, the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia, Cooperative College of Malaysia and the Community College, Higher Education Department and Giatmara Centre (MARA). These seminars and courses include explanation sessions and exposure regarding business opportunities that can be pursued by the Orang Asli people.

Short term courses and other short courses such as the Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping have been implemented involving the participation of Orang Asli entrepreneurs and youth.

  1. Promotion / Marketing

Promotion/marketing programs are aimed to introduce the Orang Asli entrepreneurs and their products to the general public.

Promotions within the country involving the Orang Asli entrepreneurs are through participation in Carnivals, Expos, Exhibitions organised by KKLW, JAKOA and other Government Departments/Agencies such as Malaysia Handicraft, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia.

Overseas Promotion: Through programs organised by KKLW (such as SDSI and Malaysia Best), JAKOA has sent Orang Asli entrepreneurs to participate in overseas promotional programs in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Morocco.

Business Matching activities were arranged during the promotional programs that were held.

  1.  Orang Asli Corporation Development

The Government has allocated grant assistance for the Orang Asli Corporation to implement economical projects that bring benefit to the Orang Asli community. This assistance is to empower and involve the Orang Asli Corporation in the economical field to catapult the Orang Asli Corporation to a higher level.

The grant award is subjected to the criteria that are set in the Guideline for Grant Assistance Program to the Orang Asli Corporation under the Department of Orang Asli Development.

The grant assistance are given in one-off form to implement projects such as:

  1. Business Buildings/Premise;
    ii.          Purchase of equipment or machinery;
    iii.         Economic Project/Program; and
    iv.         Human Capital Development Program;