MID as an ICT Catalyst for Rural Development

ICT is a major element of change, a useful tool in improving the quality of life of rural communities. Therefore we must have great aspirations and be united in encouraging the rural communities to use the ICT facilities provided by the government.

We do not want the rural communities to be spectators only in facing the progressing ICT revolution at the present time. We want them to become knowledgeable community and if possible, able to use the information and ICT technology. For example, AgriBazaar is a content of titian digital portal that has been developed by Mimos and recently has been handed over to the ministry, is an e-commerce application. With this application, the farmers or rural communities will be able to run their business online.

The Ministry is confident that with the development of MID, they are ready to work hard to achieve the government’s objectives. Therefore, in 9MP, the ministries have made a target of 12 percent of the 1.8 million rural households will receive ICT training.

At the same time the government will continue to assist rural communities not only in physical form, but also in providing computer software through many applications at Medan Infodesa so that the digital development gap is further reduced.

Hopefully, all of the effort which have been and will be implemented by the government to develop rural communities will be embraced and accompanied with full commitment by all levels of society.

We must realise that rural development is crucial in helping the government to make Malaysia as a developed country by 2020. Progress would have no meaning if there are areas or people who fall behind in certain areas in our efforts to develop the country.