Medan Infodesa

Medan Infodesa (MID) is a physical entity replete with ICT infrastructures located in rural areas. In addition to continuously becoming the focus for local physical meetings, by using ICT, MID will also become the catalyst to bridge the digital divide in rural areas as well as functions as a virtual interaction training and meeting point among the rural communities. MID commenced operation in 2001 and is divided into 2 categories which are Sub-district MID and District MID. Sub-district MIDs are equipped with 10 computers while District MIDs are equipped with 20 computers and a meeting room.

Selection Criteria for MID Construction

The following are the main selection criteria for implementing MID at a sub-district or a district :

  • Daya Wawasan Movement (GDW) Village.
  • Had emerged as champions in the Village Cleanliness and Beauty Competition (PKKK) either at national, state or district levels or received awards from another party.
  • Has a population of at least 1,000 people.
  • Has a suitable site.
  • A village that has implemented ICT initiatives independently and not sponsored by any other ICT programmes such as the Rural Internet Programme (Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications), Kedai (Communications And Multimedia Commission), state government ICT programmes or any other organisation. The initiatives include developing and owning a website and conducting computer classes.

MID Services

Among the services provided at MID are as follows:

  • Basic and ICT skills trainings.
  • Computer and internet services.
  • Computer printing.
  • Website services.
  • Computer repair and upgrading workshop.
  • Assist in providing village information throughout the nation.