The counselors of public services or AKRAB is an entitled name used for a group of colleagues who are assigned as counselors that is enshrined in circulars volume 18 of 2005, the psychological application guidelines in the management of human resources in public sectors. AKRAB is a medium for culture cultivation in a higher working performance in public sectors. It is embodied along with several objectives which are stated in providing a medium by giving opportunities to the officers. It is an effective way and to contribute to the effort of human capital development and human resources management in the ministry, office sectors and agencies.

AKRAB portrays the beauty of trust among the colleagues; commitment, rationality, modesty, and intelligence are the most important factors that are needed for a counselor. AKRAB is also as a new strategy on improvising the term of counselors among the workers in the ministry, office sectors and agencies. Furthermore, this also means, in public sector, colleagues who plays the role of a counselor, are called as AKRAB.

Counseling programs conducted by AKRAB are in concepts of friends helping each other by using the core of the professional counseling method. The experiences gained from all organizations will automatically and surely ignite the beauty of harmony, friendship, respect and also discover self potential to provide a successful working environment.

In addition, it is the best to hope that AKRAB will bring nothing but the best as a transformational agent to bring civil workers towards improvements in personal factor, social factor or even a professional factor.

AKRAB Corporation Informational


To implement the First Class Work Culture in AKRAB organization.


  • To conduct counseling activities for the organization members
  • To help colleagues who are facing difficulties in life
  • To play the role as a middleman between a worker and a Psychologist in solving the matter
  • To create a bond among the management of human resources workers to ease the implementation and flow of AKRAB activities


To provide counseling services for colleagues to improvise their self potential and to boost their confidence to succeed


“Counselors at Your Service”


“To help is to help others”


Ready to serve and help people who are in need without looking at their race, religion, status, physical and behavior factors.


  • To be a member with honorable behavior and well appearance
  • To instill positivity in one’s self
  • To intensify and improves skills and knowledge dynamically
  • To be a role model among colleagues
  • To be a friend who is aware of one’s feelings and surroundings
  • To provide moral support towards good changes
  • To be a friend in need for other people
  • To motivate friends to be better
  • To strengthen the bond among members of AKRAB KPLB or the Ministry/other Agencies


  • To be a trustworthy and honest person
  • To accept and respect other people
  • To understand the self-ability
  • To always improvise and enhance skills from different aspects
  • To report any cases that might taint and hurt one’s self and other people
  • To refer any complicated cases to psychologists
  • To understand and obey public service etiquettes

AKRAB Tasks List

  1. To evaluate the colleagues’ needs who are in need of help
  2. To assist individual or groups of specific workers
  3. To assist individual or groups to volunteer workers

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List of Members

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