Social Amenities

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Social amenities, or public amenities, refer to places, buildings or infrastructural facilities which are to be shared and to become convergence spots for the local and surrounding communities. It has become a basic necessity for villages and settlement areas to have well-built and complete social amenities for the benefit of the local and surrounding communities, so as to facilitate them in conducting social functions and activities, which in turn would help shape a united, harmonious, advanced, dynamic and progressive society.

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  1. To guarantee balanced development between urban areas and rural areas in order to achieve the aim of growth with equity in line with the country’s urbanisation policy.
  2. To ensure that village development programmes are implemented in a more integrated way, which includes programmes pertaining to infrastructural facilities, utilities, social amenities and human capital development.
  3. To complement the systematic development of infrastructural, human and economic facilities in villages in order to attain a more effective outcome.
  4. To enhance the elements of unity, teamwork and the spirit of tolerance among rural communities through the active use of social amenities.
  5. To create a rural community that is united, proactive, resilient and capable of countering the spread of negative paradigms that would lead to division in society.


The scope of the Social Amenities Programme provides a focus to a few projects that has been selected and identified as key necessities and should be urgently undertaken in villages. The scope of the social amenities programme comprises a few categories/types of projects, as follows :-

  • Village/Education Management Facilities
    • Community/multi-purpose hall
    • Operations room
    • Collaborative Centre
    • Resource/computer centre
  • Recreational/Riadah Facilities
    • Sports/games field
    • Games court
    • Children’s playground
    • Recreational park
    • Pedestrian walk
  •  Infrastructural Facilities
    • Car park
    • Public Toilets
    • Wakaf
    • Bus/taxi stop/stand
    • Main Drain
    • Drainage
    • Jetty
    • “Pasar tani”/”pasar sehari” market site
    • Food court