Social Amenities Programme (PAMS)
  1. What are the physical projects under PAMS?The physical projects of PAMS are as follows:
    • Rural/Education Management Facilities (such as the Public Hall, Community Hall/Operations Room, Sharing Centre, Resource/Computer Centre and the Store);
    • Recreational/Leisure Facilities (such as the Football Field, Games Field/Court, Children’s Playground (5 games), Recreational Park and the Pedestrian Walkway;
    • Infrastructure Facilities (such as car parking places, public toilets, main drain (soil/concrete), drain (concrete), bus/taxi stop hubs, public walkway wooden planwalk, wakaf, gate, surau (repair and upgrade), Hard Stand, Bridge and Jetty
  2. What are the PAMS application methods?The application methods are as follows:
    • The list of project applications received from the YB. Parliament Member / YB. State Legislative Assemblyman (ADUN) / Chairman of JKKK and individuals will be streamlined at state level by the State Development Office / Federal Development Department (PPN/JPP) while at the district level by the District Office. The list of projects will be finalised by MRRD based on the approved annual allocations.
    • The list of finalised projects will be executed by the the State / PPN / JPP / District Office Project Development and Monitoring Division (BPP).
    • The allocation distribution for the implementation of projects will be done through the State BPP or PPN/JPP.Monitoring and report of project implementation will be carried out through the Impementation/Coordinating Agency and Order No. 1/2004.
    • To avoid delay in implementation of projects, the implementation agency MAY APPROVE the project modification application subject to it meeting the scope and criteria of PAMS as stipulated in these guidelines. Modifications that do not meet the scope and criteria PAMS are absolutely NOT PERMITTED.
  3. What are the scope of work, project selection criteria and implementation mechanism of PAMS?The scope of work for minor projects under PAMS are divided into three categories as follows : < >New constructionUpgradeRepairWhat are the project scope and Project selection criteria under PAMS ?The selection for PAMS minor ptojects must meet the following criteria:
    • The projects carried out are in rural areas or suburbs and out of the Local Authority (LA) operational area or any areas deemed appropriate by the Minister;
    • The projects are for public use and to be commonly shared as well as becoming an attraction for the local and surrounding communities;
    • Gerakan Daya Wawasan (GDW) villages which emphasise on village development plans and rural community empowerment must be prioritised;
    • Minor projects are estimated to worth RM500,000.00 and below;
    • PAMS projects especially those involving building construction such as Multipurpose Hall, Community Hall and others must be built on lands registered under the Federal Land Commissioner (PTP);
    • Any exception from the criteria above must be approved by MRRD.
  4. Where can the form/information about PAMS be acquired ?The forms may be acquired from the website of the Ministry which is www.wearerocketeer.com/kplb/
  5. Who should be contacted to acquire the MRRD Housing Assistance Programme?

    Bahagian Infrastruktur (Infrastructure Division) Aras 23, Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah (KKLW) No 47, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4 Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan 62100 PUTRAJAYA Tel: 03 – 8891 2000 Faks: 03 – 8888 2337