Service Profile

Under Secretary of People’s Welfare Division


Name : Mr. Mohd Badrie bin Abd Rahim
E-mail : badrie[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 5644
Fax No. : 03 – 8881 0264


The objective of the People`s Welfare Division is to assist in the Government’s efforts to reduce poverty and eliminate extreme poverty as well as enhance the quality of life of rural communities in accordance with Government policies related to the eradication of poverty and rural development. This goal could be achieved by:

  • Increasing the capabilities of Implementing Agencies in their duties to plan, monitor, trace, evaluate and coordinate at all levels in the implementation of programmes under the People’s well-being Development Scheme (SPKR);
  • Ensuring that the projects under SPKR would achieve its set goals via the support and assistance that truly reaches the target group through effective monitoring, tracing and coordination; and
  • Increasing the involvement and contribution of Non-Governmental Organisations as well as the private sector in the eradication of poverty programmes in line with the aim of creating a caring society.


Database, Control and Coordination of SPKR, Administration

  • Coordination of the SPKR Policy Paper preparation (overall);
  • Coordination of the SPKR Programmes planning and Development Budget;
  • Coordination and planning of Operational Expenditure;
  • Coordination of projects application and monitoring through SPP II System, e-Kasih and OBB;
  • Coordination and management of general administration; and
  • Coordination of SPKR’s Performance, Parliamentary Affairs, Project Management Account and SPKR Outcome studies


Housing Program for the Poor (PPRT)

  • Coordination and preparation of PPRT Policy Paper and Budget Planning;
  • Coordination of PPRT:
    a. Home Design;
    b. Application Procurement Methods;
    c. PPRT Guidelines; and
    d. Draft Parliamentary Replies on PPRT.
  • The implementation of the operation, monitoring of PPRT;
  • Preparation of Project Management Account , PPRT Outcome Study and updating projects in SPP II and the coordination of the e-PPRT;
  • Coordination of PPRT, NKRA and National Blue Ocean Strategy and special approvals; and
  • Coordinator of Rumah Bina Negara program.


Income Generating and ASB Sejahtera

  • Preparation of the Income Generating Programme (PPP) Policy Paper and ASB Sejahtera;
  • Planning and Development Budget of PPP and ASB Sejahtera;
  • The implementation of the operation, outcome study and monitoring of PPP and ASB Sejahtera;
  • Preparation of Policy Paper on Human Capital, Coordination and Monitoring Human Mind Development Program (PPMI), and Excellence in Education Program (PKP);
  • International Affairs Management; and
  • Preparation of Draft Parliamentary Replies on PPP and ASB Sejahtera.