Investments and Subsidiaries Monitoring Division

Service Profile

Under Secretary of The Investments and Subsidiaries Monitoring Division

Name : Mr. Ramlee bin Amat
E-mail : ramlee[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 2211
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 2336


  • To ensure the subsidiaries under the ministry are sustainable financially and competitive via transparent, efficient and effective corporate governance.
  • To ensure the subsidiaries’ investment and business plans are viable and affecting the relevant stakeholders positively.
  • To ensure the subsidiaries are complying with the ministry’s policy and all the regulations in placed.
  • To assist the “Rural Cooperative” movement with the aim of fostering independent and competitive rural community.
  • To oversee MARA’s project implementation in core sectors such as entrepreneurship, education and multi-sector.
  • To review and advise ministry in evaluating MARA’s business plan and proposal.
  • To become intermediary between MARA and Ministry in managing issues related with MARA.
  • To manage KKLW ’S BAKTIDESA Trust Account diligently based on the regulations in placed.
  • To ensure that all applications for the privatization of land owned by the Ministry and agencies under the Ministry processed in accordance with the Guidelines issued by UKAS, JPM.


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