Service Profile

Under Secretary of The Investments and Subsidiaries Monitoring Division


Name : Mrs. Juniadah binti Ali
E-mail : juniadah[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 2211
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 2336


  • To ensure the subsidiaries under the ministry are sustainable financially and competitive via transparent, efficient and effective corporate governance.
  • To ensure the subsidiaries’ investment and business plans are viable and affecting the relevant stakeholders positively.
  • To ensure the subsidiaries are complying with the ministry’s policy and all the regulations in placed.
  • To assist the “Rural Cooperative” movement with the aim of fostering independent and competitive rural community.
  • To oversee MARA’s project implementation in core sectors such as entrepreneurship, education and multi-sector.
  • To review and advise ministry in evaluating MARA’s business plan and proposal.
  • To become intermediary between MARA and Ministry in managing issues related with MARA.
  • To manage KKLW ’S BAKTIDESA Trust Account diligently based on the regulations in placed.
  • To ensure that all applications for the privatization of land owned by the Ministry and agencies under the Ministry processed in accordance with the Guidelines issued by UKAS, JPM.


Subsidiaries’ Investments and Corporate Governances Regulatory Unit

  • Oversee subsidiaries’ vision and planning;
  • Evaluate and certify subsidiaries’ investments and commercial loan application;
  • Evaluate and certify subsidiaries’ annual financial reward or incentive application;
  • Oversee, evaluate and provide report on the subsidiaries annual financial performance and Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  • Oversee the progress of the subsidiaries’ projects implementation; and
  • Secretariat of the Rural Cooperative’s Development Committee.


Privatisation and Administration Unit

Privatisation Project Management

  • To manage the application for development that involves a partnership with the private sector;
  • To coordinate the privatization development projects application for UKAS consideration and approval;
  • To monitor the development of the privatization projects for the ministry and agencies under it;
  • To monitor the implementation of privatization projects for the ministry and agencies under it;
  • To monitor the management of land acquisition for the privatization projects for the ministry and agencies under it;
  • To monitor the process of submitting the project to the ministry and agencies under the ministry; and
  •  Preparation of Cabinet Memorandum and Cabinet Notes.

Administration and Privatization Project Inspectorate

  • To manage the Division’s administrative affairs;
  • Coordinate and implement Asset Management, Records and Safety at the divisional level:
    • Division’s Assets Examination
    • Division’s Purchase of Assets
    • Division’s Disposal of Assets
    • Division’s Files and Records Management
    • Division’s Security Management
  • To manage the financial affairs and procurement at the division level:
    • Prepare annual budget
    • To manage and certify the acquisition of capital / office supplies and order services
  • To coordinate the Division’s human resource affairs;
  • Monitor the privatization projects administration / finances;
  • Inspectorate privatization projects implemented by the Ministry and agencies under it;
  • Preparation of Cabinet Memorandum & Cabinet Notes; and
  • Coordinate the answers pertaining to the Privatization projects of the Ministry for the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara.


Mara Coordination Unit

  • Coordination regarding policy and direction of Higher Education, Organization of Studies and entrepreneur of MARA;
  • Monitoring, coordination and preparing report about issues accord related to UNIKL, GMI, YPM, KPTM, KPM, KM, organization of studies and entrepreneur of MARA;
  • Monitoring the provision and coordination of Cabinets Note about MARA under supervision of Prime Minister Department; and
  • Coordination with regards to policy issues, direction of MARA with regards to Middle Education and Skill Training;
  • Monitoring, coordination and preparation of report about issues or matters of MRSM, IKM, KKTM and GIATMARA;
  • Monitoring, coordination and preparation of report about issues or matters arise with regards to Middle Education and Skill Training;
  • Monitoring the preparation and coordination of Cabinets Notes for Summary Report of Financial Position and Annual Performance (Unaudited) and Cabinets Memorandum for Yearly Report and Financial Position (Audited) for Cabinet Division of Prime Minister Department; and
  • Drafting answers related to issues or matters of policy for question arise in House of Representative and Senate.


Subsidiaries’ Development and Performance Enhancement Unit

  • Secretariat of the BAKTIDESA’s Trust Account Committee;
  • Promote smart partnership inter subsidiaries and ministries for acquiring new technologies or exploring new ventures;
  • Organizing short courses and continuous professional development session for supplementing the subsidiaries’ human capital development;
  • Provide input for answering parliamentary questions related with the subsidiaries; and
  • Clarify the National Auditor General findings regarding the subsidiaries and oversee corrective action which required.