Service Profile

Integrity Head Unit 


Name : Mr. Ahmad Zulnasri bin Abdul Khalid
E-mail : zulnasri[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 5922
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 2366


  • To create a culture of honesty and transparency among the Ministry’s staff in order to improve the level of governance.
  • To implement disciplinary affairs of the Ministry’s personnel.


Branch A – Integrity Strengthening and Complaints Management Branch

  • To implement programmes related to the Culture and Strengthening of Integrity based on the National Integrity Plan (PIN) and Integrity Strengthening of Public Service (PIPA) at the Ministry;
  • To plan and prepare appropriate modules for integrity courses carried out for the personnel of the Ministry;
  • To carry out public complaints management tasks from various sources such as BPA, telephone complaints, meet-up with complainant, 1MOCC, local newspapers, Complaints and Suggestions Management System (SPAC) of MRRD, emails, letters, fax, official social sites, etc;
  • To handle the Complaints Management Standing Committee Meeting (JKTPA); and
  • To prepare the complaints and enquiry report to BPA every month.


Branch B – Governance and Compliance Branch

  • To manage the administration and finance of the unit;
  • To monitor the compliance of the regulations in force among the personnel of MRRD and prepare reports to the heads of divisions;
  • To conduct inspections on the compliance of regulations on the divisions in the ministry;
  • To manage the Working Committee Meeting for the Governance Integrity Committee Meeting of MRRD; and
  • To provide the Integrity Management Implementation Report to the Secretary General of the Ministry and the Agency Integrity Management Division, MACC. 


Branch C – Detection, Verification and Disciplinary Branch

  • To conduct investigations into complaints involving staff misconduct;
  • To provide reports of misconduct to the relevant authorities;
  • To manage the disciplinary actions on officers and members of the Ministry;
  • To manage the preparation of the Disciplinary Report to the Public Services Department;
  • To handle the Disciplinary Board Meeting at Ministry level;
  • To monitor the implementation of the National Integrity Plan (PIN) in the Ministry;
  • To provide advisory services on disciplinary issues;
  • To manage the preparation of reports and monitor matters associated to the declaration of assets, serious financial indebtness, involvement in politics, moonlighting and acceptance of gifts by public officials; and
  • To manage the applications for Government Land.