Infrastructure Division

Service Profile

Under Secretary of Infrastructure Division


Name : Dato’ Mohd Fadzli bin Mohd Kenali
E-mail : fadzli[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 2244
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 2337


  • To provide infrastructural facilities, utilities and social amenities of quality in order to enhance the comfort and livelihood of rural communities and mobilize rural economic development.


  • To be responsible for the planning, management, implementation, monitoring of the Division’s programmes;
  • To outline and review all policies/policy-changes in line with the policies, goals and strategies that are established by the Government;
  • To identify the mechanism of programme implementation in order to establish an efficient and effective delivery system;
  • To ensure that the Division’s programmes are implemented in compliance of the specified Guidelines and in line with the Government’s policies;
  • To plan, control and manage the Management Budget, the Five Year Development Budget and the Annual Budget in accordance with the specified goals;
  • To establish cooperation networks and enhance strategic alliances with external agencies and sectors;
  • To outline and develop information and inventory systems for the Division’s development programmes;
  • To outline the application of new systems/technologies in the implementation of the Division’s development programmes towards increasing the effectiveness of the Delivery System; and
  • To be a component of the committee in charge of coordinating the implementation of infrastructural, utilities and social amenities programmes.