Human Resource Management Division

Service Profile

Under Secretary of Human Resource Management Division

Name : Mr. Mohd Nazri Bin Mohd Deni
E-mail : mohd.nazri[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 5677
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 2349


  • To ensure the organizational structure of Ministry is steadfast and dynamic with optimized human resource.
  • To manage the human resource activities of the Ministry efficiently and effectively in line with the regulations in effect.
  • To produce knowledgeable, competitive, highly productive employees who uphold noble values through lifelong learning.
  • To ensure the employees are at optimum competency in order to achieve Ministry’s objectives.
  • To continually prosper the Ministry’s employees in mind, emotions and behaviour.


Manpower Planning and Organization Development Section (A)

  • To assess the need of job positions and man power;
  • To execute the public service policy based on the Circular, Circular Letter and central agency directives in effect;
  • To review the scheme of services under the jurisdiction of Secretary General of the ministry;
  • To update the job position database, functional chart and organizational chart of the Ministry;
  • To advise on staffing and organization development as well as Majlis Bersama Jabatan (MBJ);
  • To monitor staffing implementation via Inspectorate;
  • Secretariat of Majlis Bersama Jabatan (MBJ)s;
  • Secretariat for the Orders, Decorations, and Medals of Federal / State; and
  • Secretariat to the Appointment of Agency’s Board of Directors (ALP).


Service and Career Development Section (B)

  • To facilitate Ministry’s personnel management such as appointments, confirmation in service, admission to pensionable service, placements, transfers, contract management, transfer of service, temporary transfers, leave, retirement, personnel data information and service record,  remuneration, allowances and benefits for the staff;
  • To administer, update and supervise the HRMIS system;
  • To manage promotion and career advancements;
  • Coordinate service matters of personnel in Department and KKLW agencies;
  • Manage the appointment of Heads of Departments/agencies under KKLW;
  • Secretariat of Excellent Service Award Ceremony (APC) for the Ministry / Agencies of the Ministry; and
  • To provide consultancy on staffing and human resource related activities to Departments and Agencies of the Ministry.


Human Resource Development Section (C)

  • Plan and develop Training Operations Plan for Ministry based on Training Need Analysis and Gap Analysis;
  • To execute Training Programs based on Training Operations Plan;
  • Monitor performance and prepare the Report on Implementation of Human Resource Training Policy Public Sector for the Ministry and Agency;
  • Plan and implement all of Islam Hadhari’s programmes to instil Islamic values;
  • Transact the Administration and Finance for Human Resources Management Division;
  • Plan and implement the Mind Transformation programmes and mandatory courses for confirmation of the Ministry and Agency staff;
  • Manage applications for scholarship program (HLP), loans, overseas program / training and practical training for Ministry;
  • Secretariat for Ministry’s Overseas Courses Committee; and
  • Secretariat for Ministry’s Training Committee.


Competency and Examination Section (D)

  • To administer the implementation of the competencies and examination policy;
  • To design, develop and execute the competency assessment module / curriculum and examinations, for the General Scheme of Service (Skim Gunasama);
  • To plan and develop the determination of competencies and exam questions;
  • To prepare Analysis Report of Competency Evaluations for the Public Services Department (JPA);
  • Secretariat of the Competency Evaluation Board;
  • Secretariat of the Ministry’s Examination Board;
  • Secretariat of the Ministry’s Competency Assessment Panel;
  • Secretariat of the Ministry’s  Examination Panel; and
  • Secretariat to the Appointment of Agency’s Board of Directors (ALP) and the Chief Executive Officer of Subsidiary.


Psychology Management Section (E)

  • To provide advice and psychological counselling to the employee of the Ministry and Agencies;
  • To manage the psychology and counselling programmes such as seminars / workshops / forums / courses;
  • To manage Mentoring Program of Ministry and Agencies;
  • To provide counselling to individuals, groups and families of the employees of the Ministry and Agencies;
  • To perform rehabilitation interventions for  the employee of Ministry and Agency; and
  • Secretariat of Civil Service Guidance (AKRAB) of Ministry and Agency.