Finance Division

Service Profile

Under Secretary of Finance Division

Name : Mrs. Norazah binti Abdul Shukor
E-mail : norazah[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 5777
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 2355


  • Provide comprehensive and strategic budget planning for programs / activities conducted by the Ministry.
  • Ensure the Ministry’s financial management is carried out efficiently and orderly.
  • Provide financial advice to the Ministry’s clients.


Unit A – Budget and Trust Account

  • Coordinate the Operating Budget applications for the Ministry’s, Departments and Agencies under it;
  • Coordinate Outcome Based Budgeting (OBB) related matters;
  • Plan the allocations withdrawal, transfer & distribution;
  • Manage the additional allocations;
  • Monitor the allocations expenditure;
  • Manage issuance of allocation warrants and disbursements via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT);
  • Prepare expenditure performance reports;
  • Manage the preparation of the operating budget cash flow projections;
  • Administrators for the eTerimaan;
  • Manage the Manual Journal Vouchers;
  • Maintain the Special Account Trust Fund and Miscellaneous Solution Trust Account;
  • Manage the Rural Development Authorities’ (RDA) trust accounts; and
  • Provide financial advice.


Unit B – Disbursement and Remuneration

  • Manage Operating Expenditure Costs;
    • Manage payments under AP 58 (a);
    • Manage approvals from the Ministry of Finance under AP59;
    • Manage the billing statements under BV340 (Operations);
    • Manage Petty Cash;
    • Manage the payment of various allowances and monitor the performance of bill  payments;
  • Manage the e-FORMASI system;
    • Manage bill payment through lump sum payment system;
    • Manage computer and vehicle loans;
    • Manage Advance/Miscellaneous;
    • Manage Commerce Dot Com (CDC) Deposit Account;
    • Coordinate the Journal Voucher documents;
    • Manage salary payment for Ministry’s staffs (Headquarters, State and INFRA);
    • Maintain Payroll Reports;
    • Key-in and ensure confidentiality of information in the Change Salaries Form (SG20) in the GFMAS system; and
    • Provide financial advice.


Unit C – Financial Policy

  • Coordinate audit and inspection reports
  • Manage the delegation of power affairs;
  • Coordinate the preparation/amended KSU Circular regarding financial procedures;
  • Overseeing the administration of Division;
  • Manage the receipts/revenue affairs;
  • Manage the use of flight warrants and approval of No Show Passengers;
  • Coordinate the Financial Management and Accounts Committee Meeting;
  • Manage debt write-offs and loss of public money;
  • Coordinate Meeting on Receivable Accounts (ABT);
  • Manage Rental Deposit Account;
  • Manage as administration for users of the eSPKB System; and
  • Provide financial advice.