Coordination and Monitoring Division

Service Profile

Under Secretary of Coordination and Monitoring Division


Name : Mr. Afandi bin Nordin
E-mail : afandi[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 2155
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 2330


  • To assist in implementing and ensuring the rural development project are according to the plans and rules.
  • To identify issues and problems of implementation of development projects and to propose ways to address them.
  • To ensure that finance and physical performance of the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) development projects is according to the specified plans.
  • To ensure that follow up actions on all complaints/reports will be taken based on stipulated timeline.
  • To evaluate project outcomes based on the programmes/project objectives.


Unit A- Management and Monitoring

  • Department’s Administration;
  • Department’s Finance;
  • Management and Finance of KPLB State Offices (PKN);
  • Project Submission Committee;
  • KPLB Special Rural Projects;
  • Special Task Force (Flying Squad);
  • Central Agencies’ Special Projects (EPU / ICU / MOF);
  • YAB PM / YAB TPM / YBM and AKP Walkabout Projects;
  • KPLB YBM / Sec-Gen Work Visits;
  • Work Visits and Projects Monitoring, KPLB Development Sector; and
  • Secretariat of ICU Inspectorate Activities.


Unit B- Coordination and Secretariat

  • Secretariat of JBTF and JTPK meetings;
  • Secretariat of Sabah / Sarawak Joint Planning and Monitoring Committees;
  • Secretariat of KPLB Outcome Appraisal;
  • Secretariat of KPLB Villages Information System (SMK-GIS);
  • Data and Information Coordinator for KPLB Ministry / PKN / Departments / Agencies projects;
  • Secretariat of JKTN, MTNg, JKTD and KSU-KSN meetings;
  • Coordinator of Central Agencies (EPU / ICU / MOF) with regard to physical performance and project finance, KPLB Development Sector; and
  • Secretariat of Projek Pra-Sakit and Projek Sakit, (JKPS), KPLB Development Sector.


Unit C- Development Budget

  • KPLB Development Sector Budget Management;
  • Projects Information Coordination, KPLB Development Sector with Central Agencies (EPU / ICU / MOF);
  • Secretariat of KPLB Project Management Accounts Committee;
  • Coordinator of KPLB Outcome Based Budgeting (OBB) Programs;
  • Financial Management, KPLB Development Sector; and
  • Expenditure Performance Information Coordination, KPLB Development Sector.