Account Division

Service Profile

Under Secretary of Account Division


Name : Mr. Mohd Shupian bin Ibrahim
E-mail : shupian[at]rurallink[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No. : 03 – 8891 5807
Fax No. : 03 – 8888 5861


  • Ensuring all the Revenues and Expenses of KPLB are accounted efficiently, effectively and responsibly.
  • Ensuring a proper accounting system and appropriate controls exist and are upheld to prevent loss due to fraud or negligence, subject to the general supervision of the Controlling Officer.
  • Ensuring only allowable expenses received and paid within the prescribed period and accounted for properly and accurately.
  • Ensuring revenues received are accounted correctly.
  • Reports to the Controller any irregularity in connection with public accounts brought to its attention.



  • To make payment for all vouchers for supplies and services, overtime, car and computer loan, travelling claims and other expenses;
  • To manage the payment of staff salaries; and
  • To prepare monthly and annual Accounting Reports to the top management, the Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia and the National Audit Department;


  • To check the collector statements;
  • To check the books of cash auditing monthly for all responsible centres involved in revenue collection;
  • To provide training and advisory services in the implementation of Integrated Government Financial & Management Accounting System (iGFMAS);
  • To conduct inspection on the six (6) Responsibility Centres (RCs) related to revenue collections; and
  • To conduct inspection on the six (6) Responsibility Centres (RCs) related to Integrated Government Financial & Management Accounting System (iGFMAS) to ensure that financial regulations are complied.


  • To ensure the governance of accrual accounting implementation is based on accounting standards;
  • To analyses the components of the Financial Statements; and
  • To identify and determine the Finance and Accounting Risk of the Ministry.


  • To manage the administrative and financial affairs of the Division;
  • To manage the inventory and assets of the Division; and
  • To prepare budget of the Division.