Client Charter Achievement 2010

No Statement of Client Charter (Agreement) MRRD Client Charter Achievement 2010

Provision of Quality Basic Infrastructure, Utility and Social Amenities

  • Village Road Project (PJK) does not exceed 12 months from the date the warrant is issued;
  • The Social Amenities Project (PAMS) does not exceed 12 months from the date the warrant is issued;
  • Village Street Lighting Project (LIK) does not exceed 12 months from the date the contract is signed;
  • Rural Electricity Supply (BELB) does not exceed 18 months from the date of signing of the contract, and
  • Rural Water Supply (BALB) for alternative and reticulation projects does not exceed 12 months and 18-24 months of the plant project.
  •  Rural Roads Project (JALB) to be completed according to the 24-36 months contract period from the date of site possession.

Infrastructure Division

  • A total of 757 JPD projects were implemented within the prescribed period
  • A total of 7,197 PAMS and Sanitation projects were completed within the prescribed period except 2 KKD projects that were completed within 16 months
  • A total of 1,016 LJK projects were completed within the prescribed period
  • A total of 27,209 completed houses were supplied with electricity within the prescribed period
  • A total of 35,291 houses were supplied with water within the prescribed period
  • In the year 2009/2010 (NKRA) a total of 140 JALB projects and over 775.58km roads were  completed within the prescribed period

Hardcore Poverty Eradication

  • To finalise the eligibility status of SPKR programme applicants either the hardcore poor or  the poor category within 2 months;
  • To ensure results of the application of the Income Increment Programme  (PPP) and Training and Career Skills Programme (PLKK)  are provided to the Implementing Agency within 3 months;
  • To ensure the implementation of the Housing Assistance Programme (PBR) – build new- is within 6 months and repair is within 4 months from the date of approval, and
  • To issue MT KIR poverty line through Agropolitan projects within 30 months.

Land and Regional Development Division

A total of136 participants (Gahai Agropolitan – 50 people; Banggi Island Agropolitan 86 people) who joined the project have crossed the poverty line.


Human Capital Development 

  • To implement rural management training to 10,000 leaders annually at grassroots level  ;
  • To implement Rural Action Plan workshops involving 3,000 villages annually;
  • To provide pre-school education to 190,000 children per year;
  • To provide Early Childhood Education (childcare centre) to 900 children per year;
  • To provide Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) / Diploma level  skills training to 2,220 participants per year and
  • To ensure that all students sponsored by MARA overseas will receive a monthly allowance before the following month.


A total of 6,840 rural grassroots leaders were successfully trained.

A total of 156 villages were successfully included in the Rural Action Plan Workshop.


In 2010 MARA managed to provide skills training at Certificate / Diploma levels for 6,408 participants.

Payment of overseas students allowance was successfully paid before following month (100%).


Economic Activities and Rural Industries 

  • To implement training and entrepreneurial guidance to 5,000 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs per year;
  • To implement entrepreneurial expos and exhibitions for a total of 6 series and participating in 50 expos and exhibitions series organised by private parties and government agencies annually;
  • To offer Rural Development Financing Scheme (SPED) by issuing loans within 53 days from the date the applicant submits full approval conditions; and
  • All completed business and MARA study loan applications will be decided upon in no more than 50 days.

Economic Empowerment Division 

A total of 3,620 beneficiaries benefited from the implementation of the 150 series of entrepreneurial training and coaching courses throughout  2010.

Through 22 marketing programme and promotional activities of the private sector and government agencies in 2010, a total of 1,069 small and medium entrepreneurs involved received the benefits.

Throughout 2010, a total of 277 SPED applications were approved within 53 days from the date the applicant submitted funding approval conditions.


A total of 3,237 MARA Business financing  – (100% met the standard) were issued in less than 50 days

A total of 16,395 MARA study loans – (100% met the standard) were issued in less than 50 days.

5 Bridging the Urban and Rural Digital Gap

  • To set up a Medan Infodesa (MID) complete with ICT equipment within 12 months from the date of contractor appointment; and
  • To train at least 8,000 rural residents in ICT per year.

Community Empowerment and Infodesa Division

No contractors were appointed for the construction of a new MID in 2010 as the applied site had not received an approval.

Only 460 participants were successfully trained for the total allocation of RM138,000 involving only 24 series. Failure to achieve was because there was no allocations. TheRM138,000 amount was fromRMK-9 ceiling allocation balance.