Report of KKLW’s Best Practices

Best Practices Implemented In The Reformation and Preventive Efforts Towards Integrity Enhancement

1 Broadcasting of noble values through PA system every morning before commencement of duty. KKLW
2 Conducting refinement programme for disciplinary procedure understanding and disseminating the disciplinary action taken. KKLW
3 The monthly excellent employee recognition programme. KKLW
4 Implementation of MAWar (MARA War Room) as a mechanism for quick and collective problems solving. MARA
5 Written reminder affixed to the KEDA vehicle windscreen as a reminder of the speed limit. KEDA
6 Organise special training sessions (hands-on) on personal advance and travelling claims for PTJ MRRD State Branch. Finance, Budget & Accounts Division
7 Organise financial courses regularly such as the Government Basic Accounting Course, Government Payment Accounting Course, eSPKB Course and Government Revenue Accounting Course. Finance, Budget & Accounts Division
8 Special excellence course for new officers/personnel. KEDA
9 Organise the Management Quality Award competition held between Divisions/Zones/Units. KEDA
10 Complaint cases are recorded in separate files based on category of complaint. JAKOA
11 Hold meetings between the officers and staff and provide motivational courses from time to time to remind them about the regulations being enforced and to improve quality of work. JAKOA
12 Implementation of 5S at the headquarters of Lembaga Bandaran Johor Tenggara and Bandar Tenggara Branch Office. KEJORA
13 Use of MyMeeting system in which meeting invitation is made via e-mail and documents are circulated online in advance. KEJORA
14 Use of the CMS system (Content Management System) that allows members to send documents and information in softcopy format to the Information Technology Division to be uploaded to the KEJORA Website. KEJORA
15 Use of ePerubatan system that allows members to review records and medical cost of KEJORA panel health care clinics. KEJORA
16 Use of eRating system to assess customer satisfaction when dealing at KEJORA. KEJORA
17 Use of eSurvey system to conduct surveys on members on select matters online. KEJORA
18 Use of MyPrestasi system to monitor implementation of duties and performance of each division within KEJORA. KEJORA
19 Use of ePerjawatan system that enables the use of job applications at KEJORA online. KEJORA
20 Network system for e-Medik, e-Peperiksaan, e-Pengembangan and e-Benih. RISDA
21 All officers and personnel at all levels of responsibility centre (pusat tanggungjawab) involved with the procurement system either directly or indirectly, have signed an “Integrity Pact” in accordance with the Treasury Directive Letter (Surat Arahan Perbendaharaan). RISDA
22 Review on the delegation of power to officers and personnel in all Pusat Tanggung Jawab via instructions of the Director General. RISDA
23 Hold Morning Exercise Programme to create awareness on healthy life culture. MARA