National Information Technology Agenda towards creating informative and knowledgeable community by year 2020. The main objective is to bridge the digital divide among urban and rural society.

MID is a center or telecentre equipped with ICT infrastructures built in rural area. The development of MID enables the rural society facilitate the ICT infrastructure in their respective area. The MID is also act as training center for providing fundamental training and ICT skills for rural society. The objectives of MID are :-

  • To nurture the knowledge culture among locals through ICT interface;
  • To bridge the digital divide among the rural and mainstream society;
  • To make MID as local ICT training center;
  • To make MID as personal computer ownership catalyst;
  • To make MID as the trigger for ICT entrepreneur activity in repair skills/solution provider related with equipments as well as content development and software;
  • To build the rural database network which assist in updating data needed by the management such as village information profile, citizen and village management information;
  • To build the e-community among rural society; and
  • To contribute towards the development of e-government services;

Implementation of MID

The overall MID development are 243 units including KKLW agencies until 2011 as follows :

MID Category
MID unit

Number of  MID per State

State District. MID  Sub-District MID Village MID Total
Perlis 2 1 0 3
Kedah 10 21 0 31
Pulau Pinang 3 1 0 4
9 5 0 14
Selangor 9 4 0 13
W. Persekutuan 0 0 0 0
N. Sembilan 7 5 0 12
Melaka 3 10 0 13
Johor 8 16 0 24
Pahang 10 11 0 21
Terengganu 6 30 30 66
Kelantan 7 9 0 16
Sabah 12 7 0 19
Sarawak 4 3 0 7
TOTAL 90 123 33 243*

* Inclusive of  MID in development:-

– MID Selangau, Sarawak
– MID Pulau Banggi, Sabah
– MID Kg. Bubul Lama, Sabah

The Direction of Infodesa Centre

According to Ministries planning, all districts will be having one District MID and same goes with the Residential. The ministries will continue to implement the MID within the RMK10 period until all the villages will have their own MID respectively. Based on the fundamental concept which is community ownership, empowerment and sustainability of society, the MID activities in the form of ICT entrepreneurship will be enhanced. For that purposes, professional courses in multimedia, software application development, websites, computer and networking maintenance will be upgraded. In order to receive recognition and certification, efforts with the leading ICT companies such asMicrosoft, Oracle, Cisco and higher learning institutions will be implemented for MID courses.

With this courses, MID will provide the ICT workforce which can produce ICT products for local markets. Products such as application software, multimedia and animation can be marketed to schools, government agencies, private and non-government organization (NGOs) sectors. In short term, MID will become one stop center for other services including sales and repairs for computers and equipments. This activities will be able to generate income which enables the MID to operates by the local communities through Village Development and Safety Committee (JKKK) in future.