Training and Career Programme (PLKK)

PLKK Implementation By The Agency

PLKK Implementation By The Agency

  1. The implementing agencies for PLKK in year 2017 involved GIATMARA, FELCRA, JAKOA, KEDA, KEJORA, KESEDAR and KETENGAH. Implementation courses include short, medium and long term courses. Apart from collaboration between agencies under the ministry, this programme also involves a private skill training providers. Based on the observations, more than 70 percent of participants of this programme have gained employment guarantee whether in salaried jobs or to start their own businesses;
  2. This programme has a very deep impression for the participants. This is due to courses under this programme has made a positive impact towards the participants which made them gained employment and increase of income for the participants who did not have a regular income before; and
  3. The Government had allocated RM20 millions for the PLKK programme in year 2017.  PLKK has achieved 182 courses implemented with 2250 participants for the year 2017.

Courses Offered Under Training And Career Program




This programme provides financial and administrative assistance to target groups to pursue skill training and National Vocational Training Council courses (Malaysian Skill Certificates I and II).


Target Group

Target groups for the programme are the hardcore poor, poor and low-income groups (B40). The qualifying criteria are as follows:

  • Certified as hardcore poor and poor as well registered with the National Poverty Database / Data Bank (e-Kasih); or
  • Claiming to be qualified and certified as qualified by the State or District Poverty Eradication Focus Group;
  • Certain cases that need to be exempted from meeting these criteria have to be referred to and approved by the ministry.


Assistance Components and Rates

Rate of Assistance includes tuition fees, accommodation, food/drinks and allowances for participants. For courses that are less than one month, every participant will be given Loss of Income Allowance of RM25 per day whereas for courses that are more than one month, Living Allowance of RM150 per month will be given.




Type of Training

Courses offered include the following areas/fields:

  • Manufacturing and mechanics (motorcycle mechanic, motoring technology, automotive technology, etc.)
  • Construction and engineering (welding technology, electrical wiring, heavy machinery operation, etc.)
  • Health and beauty (salon and spa, hairdressing, etc.)
  • Tourism and hospitality (preparation of food, breads, pastry, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art technology (oil and gas industry, aviation, etc.)

Implementation Menthodology

The programme is implemented through the following appointed agencies:

  • State branch offices / Federal Development Department
  • Agencies of the Ministry of Rural Development.
  • NGOs and the private sector
  • The relevant ministry/agency