Income Increment Programme (PPP)


This programme provides financial and management assistance to enable the target groups to participate or carry out economic projects in various sectors. The objective is to increase the family income and improve the standards of living and in turn release them from shackles of poverty.

Target groups

Comprises of productive Hardcore Poor Heads of Households (KIR), Single Mothers (IT), Housewives (SR) and Members of Households (AIR), who are:

  • Not infirm
  • Graduated from school
  • Interested and strongly determined to carry out the Project

Components and the Rate of Assistance

To provide financial assistance (seed money) and management services (maximum of RM 10,000) to implement the economic projects such as:

  • Preparatory courses / pre-implementation trainings
  • equipment / machineries
  • workshops / premises / retail spaces
  • raw materials
  • development & operational capitals

Under the PPP programme for 9MP, the economic projects carried out were based on four (4) categories :

  • Agro-based businesses such as the sugar processing enterprise, rattan as well as mengkuang (pandanus) and nipah woven products enterprises, cake and bread bakery enterprises, enterprises for traditional remedies made from local herbs and others.
  • Businesses such as small businesses at a retail space or corner or kiosk, food and beverages enterprise, static or mobile hawkers, etc.
  • Service activities such as sewing activities and designing fashions for clothing, operating barber shops and beauty salons, traditional massage service and many more.
  • Agricultural Activities

Implementation Methods

These programmes are identified through the appointed implementing agencies such as:

  • State Development Office / Federal Development Department.
  • MRRD agencies.
  • Non-governmental Organisations (NGO) and the private entities.
  • Other ministries/agencies.