Child-care Centre Programme (TASKA)


This programme provides a physical facility in the form of TASKA buildings and equipments in areas with a high number of hardcore poor with small children. The programme is implemented synergistically with KEMAS programme which provides trained nannies and daily TASKA operations.

To provide learning facility to children of the target group so they will receive the best in child care and pre-school while mothers are able to implement activities to supplement families’ income.

Target Groups

Hardcore poor family with children aged 1 – 4 years old that resides in:

  • Local Community Development Programme (PPMS)
  • Rural Integrated Programme (PROSDET)
  • Orang Asli Community Settlement
  • Villages with Hardcore Poor Villagers

Assistance Components and Rates

This programme provides financial assistance and managing buildings and new equipment plus building renovation and existing equipment assistance.

Programme Component

Programme Component

Sub Component

State/ Region

Cost Estimate (RM)

1. Building Building Construction Peninsula:Sabah & Sarawak & Labuan



2. Equipment Peninsula:Sabah & Sarawak & Labuan



3. Building repair and replacement of old equipment Peninsula:Sabah & Sarawak

Actual Cost


Implementation Method

  • The programme is implemented synergistically with KEMAS programmes.
  • The construction of TASKA building is undertaken by the Technical Services Unit, KKLW.
  • Equipment, manpower and daily operations are undertaken by KEMAS.