ASB-Sejahtera Programme


This programme provides financial assistance through grants for the acquisition of shares in ASB by participants. The objective of this programme is to provide additional income to the hardcore poor groups in rural areas.

Target Groups

  • Hardcore poor Heads of Households (HOH) who are productive and registered under the e-Kasih System or SPKP System
  • Single Mothers with many dependants and registered under the SPKP System
  • Has not received any unit trust assistance under the ASB-PPRT programme or any unit trust assistance from any agency
  • Has an ASB investment of less than RM 1,000.

Components and Assistance Rate

Participants will be provided with a financial allocation of RM5,000.00 to be invested for the acquisition of ASB shares. Participants will only receive an annual dividend without having any ownership towards the funds which remain as the property of the Government.

Implementation Methods

Through the appointed implementing agencies which are:

  • Amanah Raya Berhad (as the trustee) and Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad
  • Only receives the annual dividends from the principal investment in ASB
  • ASB principal investment (RM 5, 000 per person) remains the property of the Government

The participants were identified through the e-Kasih System or Hardcore Poor HOH Information System – SPKP System and must comply to the following conditions:

  • Hardcore poor group
  • Had never received the ASB-PPRT or other living assistance
  • Receive support from the District Office and local leaders.