This programme provides for financial and management assistance for targeted group to enrol in skills training courses and MLVK Foundation Skills (SKM I and SKMII Malaysia Skills Certificate)

Target Group

The targeted group for this programme is the hardcore poor registered with e-Kasih System database or SPKR. Priority will be given to the following group.

  • Productive Head of Household (KIR);
  • Household Members(AIR) who are not schooling and unemployed;
  • Hardcore Poor Single Mothers (IT) with many dependents and still productive;
  • Hardcore Poor AIR dependent onto single mothers and
  • Hardcore Poor Housewives (SR)/(AIR) that are supported by disabled (KIR)

Assistance Components and Rates

Rate of Assistance includes tuition fees, accommodation, food/drinks and allowances for participants. For courses that are less than one month, every participant will be given Loss of Income Allowance of RM25 per day whereas for courses that are more than one month, Living Allowance of RM150 per month will be given.

Training/Course Duration

Maximum Assistance Rate(RM)

Less than 1 week (depending on suitability)


Short Term- 1 week to less than 3 months (depending on suitability)


Medium Term – 3 months to less than 6 months (depending on suitability)


Long Term – 6 months to less than 1 year (depending on suitability)


For SKM I and SKM II courses that extend beyond the current year and into the following year



Type of Training

Courses offered encompasses the following fields:

  • Agriculture (livestock, aquaculture, flower nursery, etc)
  • Services (car motorcycle repair, computer repair, etc)
  • Manufacturing (culinary, food processing, handicraft, etc)

Implementation Method

Programmes are identified through the appointed implementation agencies as below:

  • State Development Office / Federal Development Department.
  • KKLW Agencies
  • Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) and public sector
  • Ministry / Other Agency