Regrouping Plan (RPS)

The project was started in 1980 (Plan 4), the Cabinet decision was originally curb subversive elements (communist) affecting Aborigines in remote areas. These plans involve the displacement of indigenous peoples to the new location of the original settlement. RPS ie a total of 17 locations in Perak 6, 7 in Pahang, Kelantan and Negeri 3 in 1 in Johor (RPS Kudung developed by YPJC). Among the incentives and development projects channeled through the RPS is providing housing to program participants, development of infrastructure and infrastructure for integrated and program commercial crops such as oil palm and rubber. Through these commercial crops participants not only receive dividends through the farm but also given the opportunity to participate directly as a farm worker.

Restructuring Village (PSK)

A total of 217 Orang Asli villages (12.264 KIR) has been involved with the implementation of PSK JAKOA approved in 1999 (7MP). The exercise is intended to upgrade the infrastructure of the village and public facilities, basic needs and land development projects such as oil palm and rubber to increase the income of local residents. Participants PSK also receive incentives and facilities as enjoyed by the RPS.

New Village Plan (CRP)

The department has also implemented a Plan projects Kampung Baru in the security area bordering Thailand (KESBAN). This program is dedicated to the development and welfare of the Orang Asli village where they were in the area. CRP participants also enjoy the same incentives and facilities such as the RPS and PSK.

Natural Disasters Project

The project was started since 1997. A total of 113 Orang Asli villages had been identified by the Technical Committee on Natural Disasters State level include the category of high-risk areas, medium and low. Kampung Orang Asli who are at high risk of the village is likely to be flooded, landslides, waves or storms, the village of the coastal state of Johor, Pahang and Selangor. The department provides for the purpose of transferring them to a new location, site and new housing, including roads, drainage and other while villages are categorized moderate risk also provision is made to improve drainage, sewerage, widening / deepening of rivers, forts, etc. ,


Measure the circumference of Orang Asli Settlement (VILLAGE) / Land Acquisition

As there are still many Orang Asli settlements that have been approved by the state government but not yet gazetted or requirements perimeter and engineering work for the development of the JAKOA federal funds have been allocated for this purpose. Through the facilities of the issues related to land acquisition, delineation and survey work can be carried out accordingly. Implementation of this project is subject to the jurisdiction of the land administrator and the current regulations in force.